Precision I.D. and O.D. Grinding


*I.D. Grinding from .165" to 12.00" diameters up to 8.00" deep

*O.D. Chucking from .090" to 12.00" diameters up to 8.00" long

*O.D. Between centers .090" to 12.00" diameters up to 36".00 long

*Quick turnaround time                       *Angles

*Prototype work                                *Tapers

*Short run production                         *Radius

*Long run production                          *Grooves

*Over 25 years of experience in this field

*Able to consult and troubleshoot on any problems or improvements

                        Typical part names we are able to grind include:

*Shaft     *Rotor     *Roller     *Spindle     *Bushing     *Gear Coupling     *Ring Gear

*Arbor Assy     *Base Housing     *Bearing Retainer     *Body     *Cap Assy     *Holder

*Housing Assy     *Gear Shaft     *Liner     *Mandrel     *Sleeve     *Spacer     *Washer

*Ring     *Valve     *Cover     *Die     *Tooling     *Journal     *Hub     *Race Bearing